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Magik_Rune Says:
The Rogue Planet, Part II: Dear God, this is terrible.
Magik_Rune Says:
The Transit of Venus: I like the format and the way it was told, but the story? Meh.

For the most part, it could have been titled "Ian's paranoid delusion". I just don't buy the explanation: Barbara was somewhat
talking to Ian via Susan AND Banks, but only when Ian was alone with Banks. Convenient!

Pretty sure Susan could have fly the Tardis to rejoin the other, instead of going full blown olympian swimmer to attach the Tardis to the Endeavour.
Magik_Rune Says:
The Sensorites: The Unwilling Warriors: I'm sure the sensorites were really scary for the kids in the 60's, but seeing them today, more than 50 years later... Yeah, no. The story was way more effective when they were not shown, only mentionned.
tstarnes Says:
Scribbles in Chalk: Should this be moved? Or, this is where this story goes, and you hate that it goes here?
Alex Daily Says:
Scribbles in Chalk: My single star for this one is two-sided -- I just didn't care for the story, and I fundamentally disagree with the idea of there being a story in this gap.
tstarnes Says:
The Transit of Venus: A passable adventure. Except that last part where they have to reset so the Reign of Terror can pick up where the Sensorites left off. It just makes the doctor come off like an a-hole.
tstarnes Says:
The Sensorites: A Desperate Venture: The Doctor kinda becomes a raging jackass in the last scene of this episode.
Alex Daily Says:
The Sensorites: Strangers in Space: This episode sets up a tension that is then completely and totally undercut by the rest of the serial -- but that doesn't mean it doesn't do a fantastic job of it.
Magik_Rune Says:
Marco Polo: Assassin at Peking: Doctor : Can I have the keys to the TARDIS?
Polo (episode 1) : No.
Polo (episode 2) : No.
Polo (episode 3) : No.
Polo (episode 4) : No.
Polo (episode 5) : No.
Polo (episode 6) : No.
Polo (episode 7) : Ok, ok, FINE!
Magik_Rune Says:
The Daleks: The Expedition: Alydon : We will not fight you, no matter what.

*0,4 second later, punches Ian in the face*
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